It’s Free! Open Textbooks, Open Courses, Open Education for YOU

Date: 09/29/2016

Time: 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm

Center for Scholarly Communication



Discover textbooks, teaching and learning materials that are freely available online for everyone to use, whether you are an student, instructor or self-learner.  The movement for open education seeks to tap into the vast potential of technology and the Internet to support more affordable, effective teaching and learning.

Open Educational Resources include:

  • full courses,
  • textbooks, course modules, syllabi, lectures, homework assignments, quizzes, lab and classroom activities,
  • pedagogical materials,
  • games, simulations, and many more resources contained in digital media collections from around the world.

Join Head of Research and Emerging Technology Laura Costello for a discussion of open education and demonstration of useful open educational resources.


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Laura Costello

Laura was the Head of Research & Emerging Technologies.
Laura Costello
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