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Cover, Specula yearbook, 1969.

Cover, Specula yearbook, 1969.


I. Manuscripts & Papers

Benjamin Tallmadge document: July 8, 1781

George Washington, Culper Spy letter: September 24, 1779


George Washington, Culper Spy letter: September 26, 1780


George Clinton letter: February 21, 1793


James Jay letter: January 9. 1808


Nathaniel Woodhull letter: March 4, 1776


Senator Jacob K. Javits Digital Collection


II. Books and Journals

Long Island Books

Long Island Historical Journal


III. Illustrations and Photographs

Long Island Historic Postcard Collection


New York and Long Island Landscapes by Charles Henry Miller


IV. Stony Brook University


Blackworld, student newspaper


Specula, official yearbook of Stony Brook University (1961-2007)


State of the University Addresses


Stony Brook Press, student newspaper


Stony Brook Statesman, student newspaper


Sunwood residence, Old Field, New York


Undergraduate and Graduate Course Bulletins