Off Campus Access

Remote Access to Online Resources

Remote access to the library’s collections of web-based resources is available for current Stony Brook faculty, students, and staff. Dial-up, DSL, and cable modem access are supported.
When prompted for a username and password after clicking on a resource title, use your Stony Brook NetID and password.


If you don’t know what your NetID and password are, check your SOLAR account. Log into SOLAR using your Stony Brook ID number and SOLAR password. (If you don’t have a SOLAR password, follow the information on the SOLAR entry page to get one.)
Once you’re logged into SOLAR, go to the “NetID information” section and select the options to view your NetID and to set your NetID password.
See the Division of Information Technology Web site for more information about NetID.

Use Restrictions

Most of the resources listed on the Electronic Journals and Research Databases pages are subject to a variety of restrictions on access and use. While access from on campus is, in most cases, available to all, remote access is restricted to current Stony Brook faculty, students, and staff, as required by license agreements with the producers of these resources.


Almost all of the resources purchased or subscribed to by the libraries impose restrictions on how the information in their resources can be used. For example, downloading excessive portions of these resources is usually prohibited. Also common is a restriction on the electronic redistribution of information. Posting material downloaded from these resources to a listserv would, for example, be considered to contravene the license agreements that allow us to access them. In addition, these resources are intended for academic or research purposes as opposed to commercial uses.


If you have any questions about your intended use of these resources, please contact eResources.