National Women’s Studies Association Conference Preview at SBU Libraries

On October 30th, students and faculty gathered for a preview of research to be presented at the upcoming meetings of the National Women’s Studies Association and the American Studies Association in Atlanta.  A panel of graduate students and faculty members shared their research, followed by an engaging discussion.  This interdisciplinary event, part of the Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies departmental Brown Bag Series, was an excellent opportunity to hear from scholars about their works in progress and to provide a forum for conversation.  Speakers included Joseph Pierce (Assistant Professor, Department of Hispanic Languages & Literature), Valerie Moyer (graduate student, Women’s Gender, & Sexuality Studies), Rachel Corbman (graduate student, Women’s Gender, & Sexuality Studies), and Jeffrey Santa Ana (Associate Professor, Department of English).


The library looks forward to collaborating with the WGSS Brown Bag Series organizers in March 2019 for a second panel discussion as part of our programming in honor of Women’s History Month.  Find more information here.



Kate Kasten

Head of Humanities & Social Sciences at Stony Brook University Libraries
Kate is Head of Humanities and Social Sciences at Stony Brook University Libraries. She is the liaison to the French & Francophone Studies program and the Russian Studies program.
Kate Kasten
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