The Art of the Book Presentation Recap

University Libraries Bookbinder Arielle Hessler presented The Art of the Book: Non-adhesive Bindings for the April installment of the University Libraries Colloquium Series last Thursday.

The presentation focused on bookbinding styles from different parts of Africa, Asia, and Europe, and their cultural contributions to the history of the book. Attendees learned the history, structure, and function of Coptic binding in Egypt and Ethiopia; thread (or stab) binding in China, Japan, and Korea; and long stitch sewing styles from Europe. From sewing the first codices (that we know of) in Egypt to the invention of paper in China, the modern book as we know it draws from all these styles that came before.

Historical examples and materials of these bookbinding styles were available for handling, as well as modern, artistic interpretations. The books at the presentation, some of which are pictured here, were bound by and are the property of Arielle Hessler, the presenter.


Arielle Hessler

Preservation Technician/Bookbinder at Stony Brook University Libraries
Arielle is a preservation technician and bookbinder in the University Libraries Preservation department.
Arielle Hessler

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