Bookbinding with the Preservation Department

The SBU Libraries Preservation Department just wrapped up a series of new bookbinding workshops on campus. Arielle Hessler, Preservation Technician and Bookbinder, taught campus students, faculty and staff how to make leather and felt tiny book keychains and necklaces. Each book is less than 2 inches tall, but are completely functional journals perfect for jotting down quick ideas, notes, or poems.


Workshop attendees were able to pick from a variety of leather, felt, decorative paper, and thread to create their books. Creativity was encouraged, and everyone delivered; the tiny books were all beautiful and unique to their maker. Some made their books for themselves, and others as gifts for a special someone. Attendees left with printed bookbinding tips and instructions so they could make more books at home.


If you are interested in more book art events, don’t miss Arielle’s presentation The Art of the Book: Non-adhesive Bindings, on April 21, 2016 at 1:oo pm. Arielle will be presenting on historical bookbinding styles and their modern, artistic interpretations. Model books displaying each style will be available for viewing and handling during the presentation.




Arielle Hessler

Preservation Technician/Bookbinder at Stony Brook University Libraries
Arielle is a preservation technician and bookbinder in the University Libraries Preservation department.
Arielle Hessler

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